We've beelaying several songs from their album "The Sky Is Falling". Check out all of the opportunites from Gracie Productions HERE! I cannot tell you how excited I was to be working with someone like him. free webinar that helps artists boost their careers with actual facts, examples and giveaways. When asked to tell the story of how the band formed and their experience with Music Xray, here is what she had to say: "Music Xray has over the years helped us hone our product using the professional feedback, and given us the chance to submit to some major opportunities. We were happy to see that Charlie was able to find great songs to make it through the final selection process and were really excited when he let us know that three of our artists made it on the film. He responded with glowing feedback on the guitar work for all three submissions, which he characterized as "amazing", and constructive feedback on vocals and song structure, before he realized they were all from the same artist. Those success stories include major label signings, major motion picture placement, major and cable network television placement, contestants on The Voice who started at Music Xray and so on. Paradors front man, Jesper, left an ecstatic comment about a song mix he received from Colin, over at Periscope Audio Lab. Thanks Stu from Chronolung!Congratulations to Stu and to Chronolung! 01:50 – Music Xray success stories. Also, I did try their Fan Match feature. Thank you Music Xray and thank you Eddie Caldwell.Reading this email of yours really brought a smile to our hearts, Pete. It's also wonderful that they have a money-back guarantee, but we have yet to need that. Scott Wilburn started to work with Allen Johnston from The Music Specialist not to long ago. Eddie Sea is an all around great guy.Eddie Sea shopped my package at MIDEM and in a short time has secured a publishing deal in Spain with New Music and a distribution deal with Black Hole Recordings in the Netherlands, with more deals being negotiated as I tell you this. I am truly appreciative of Music Xray!Well we appreciate it that you are a part of Music Xray Joye and we are definitely happy that you have been making some really great connections on the site. Just read what these artists had to say after her review of their work:You Rock! She also writes reviews and prepare press kits but that's just a part of what she does. David worked diligently on making sure the mix was hot and the production was radio-ready.“David was killer in the entire process, from reviewing and critiquing our tracks right down to the smallest detail within our song. Congratulations to all of those who were selected.Feel free to try your track with My American Music: Submit Here. We look forward to seeing what other great things are in store.To see the latest opportunities from SkyTone Entertainment click here. "Check out all of the opportunities from Songs 4 Screens who helped facilitate her success and placementshere. But then, things started to look up for him. But do check out her music since that is the major reason why this could happen in the first place:I would like to thank MusicXray for all the great things they are doing for serious artists like myself. I never imagined how many successes I'd enjoy, with such a variety of Professionals in different areas of the industry, until I started submitting through Music Xray.One of the things I really appreciate is the way that you are assured of getting feedback. Thanks so much for sharing and we are definitely looking forward for more!Take the time to listen to Zaccheri’s full Music Xray EPK here to see why music industry professionals are interested in his music. It's uncharted territory and I am excited!”. Check out the film HERE! "Thank you for your awesome company! It's an action packed, gritty story of two New York City homicide detectives that are forced into the high-stakes world of the hip hop industry. I thought they seemed like they could be a good fit for me. "Music = air" for this artist as without it, she simply doesn't breathe. Keep up the great work!Thank you for the wonderful critique/review for DarkSide of Heaven Leslie. " Check out American Swindle You'll discover: She has a beautiful voice and it will fit perfectly in any social setting.Dave Webber: Dave's song "The Burden of Proof" was selected for this opportunity. During his elementary days, he started playing classical piano and trumpet and then transitioned to jazz and pop music playing piano and Hammond B-3 while in high school. Here are the artists that he has selected: Jamie Kent, Euphoria Audio and Deep River Running.Check out Paul's latest opportunities here. Learn more about Archie Thompson and check out his music HERE, Music Xray artist Charlie Russell landed a coveted placement on the hit spinoff of Breaking Bad, "Better Call Saul" on AMC. He was nice enough to share the following with us:Eddie "Sea" Caldwell from Music of the Sea Publishing of Chicago, Illinois has just hooked up with "Jamie Gazelle" of Austin, TX. See all opportunities from JTV DigitalHERE, Thank you so much for your great service! Esquille, an EDM artist/DJ from Sweden, was recently selected for a licensing deal with Steve Migliore. Thought you would like to hear some good news.Born and raised in Dallas, Tiffany grew up in a music talented family. I also signed a contract with Sean Guerrier De Bey for my song I'm Fine for his Kino Kiongivi project. I sent him the entire song in .wav format. The song "Is It Love" was added to my catalog for placement and I can't wait to see what else this artist has to offer.Christopher Medway is an electronica/Dance/Soundtrack/DJ artist. All the information you need on how to enter is right here. Maureen Fichten is an accomplished singer/songwriter having studied acting and singing as a child in small town Massachusetts, continuing her studies in New York City at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy.The Canadian producer and A Major Sound CEO Paul Milner selected Marueen's song "So Long" for an artist that he is working with. Christian's group recorded and wrote two songs with Mike Gonsolin at Trend Def Studios. Thank you guys for an awesome service." Submit directly to Washington Street Publishing HERE! "Additionally, her selection with the Radio station took place only a few, short weeks ago, but she informed us that "they have been playing my song a lot on their station which has actually been working really well! CEO/Founder Kimberly James says, "I wanted to personally thank MusicXray for the very professional and talented bands we have had the opportunity to not only review, but sign to our label. Mixing, production and mastering are a different thing though and that is where Stu comes in.On our EP "Crank It", Stuart took the raw tracks and heard "the sound" that the band should be working for. After years of belting it out in biker bars and nowhere dives, Pete now found himself opening shows for Charlie Daniels, Doug Kershaw, and other musical legends. Their dynamic and soulful live performance substantiates that Chronolung is set to ignite a new form of musicianship.Chronolung had the chance to work with Stuart Epps, one of Music Xray's producers whose most noteworthy clients have included Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Brian Adams, Oasis, Robbie Williams,  and Elton John, for their EP “Crank It”. Learn more about Burnos and check out their music HERE! Ever since, I wrote 25 songs - 3 of which have been produced by Stuart, and are now on Music Xray, and receiving good ratings from various Industry Professionals. We signed Amely through Music Xray so thanks for the great music! Through a guy in Nashville named Warren Ells, who is also a part of Music Xray, Phil and I are starting to move some songs. "Glad to hear that we could be of help and thanks for working with our artists! With numerous songwriting, album and production credits under his belt, David is an experienced producer with the ability to make your talent shine and bring your music to life.Music Xray band Exit 22 had the chance to work with David Snow for their track “Mistake of the Year” which they plan to pitch to radio and to young teen/tween artists. The male singer is very talented and the band is awesome.Rahn: Rahn's song "If Only" is a beautiful piano solo that defiantly puts you in the mood for unwinding. Banana Peel Radio itself has been growing impressively. "Check out Howard Martin's EPK. Thank you Music Xray. It is listed in the Indie Bible, it's the third most popular internet stream in the world dealing with artists annterviews and is ranked number three in Google's most sought after online indie sites. Check out Eric Buggie’s song “Born Blind” HERE! "Well thank you so much for letting us know about this great news Michael! I'm left speechless! Sound designers looked to Music Xray for new music, undiscovered artists and unique ways to enhance their shoppers experience by creating a musical and cultural connection. According to an article in The New Yorker, the firm claims to be able to predict hit songs with eighty-percent accuracy. Natalie Nylon is a woman who knows what she wants; which explains how this singer/songwriter was recently selected by two companies through Music Xray: by KCS Entertainment for song placement, and Women of Substance Radio for airplay. Glad that Music Xray served as a bridge for you guys to meet and make all of these possible.Listen to the full EPK by Elvira Walls and check out Don’s latest opportunities here. Eddie listened to the song Be With You and just absolutely loved it with the very first listen. Here are some of the connections and projects she has worked on through submissions at Music Xray: Others will follow and if you would like to see Gail's EPK along with all of her songs click here //www.musicxray.com/artists/gailvareilles. After singing with a group for ten years they disbanded and Monica continued to make music. Artists do not have to subscribe to anything nor does the artist need to be an exclusive member to participate. I can't thank all the folks at Music Xray enough. It was such a major success, that the Mayor of Hollywood named me an honorary representative of Independent Music and I am now apart of an exclusive group called, "The Coalition". Today's music business is incredibly competitive, and I believe it takes a team to achieve widespread success. They ended up buying the publishing rights for 8 tunes. Allison Stargazer submitted a song to label owner, Frenchy Gloder via Music Xray which resulted in the deal, I love MusicXray, the setup and the way that it makes it look so professional. Here are the links for H Music, Mia Bajin, WAP Publishing, Marie Braden and Suckfree Radio. As he matured he found himself gravitating to writing and producing as his career direction. What a wonderful experience.When trying to get to the top of your game in the music business, you have to roll the dice. The band have also recently signed a record deal with Gracie Productions / Seven13 Music which is seeing their debut album re-release globally. Maureen says, "Even when some songs have not been selected, it has opened up relationships with producers. They ended up working on 6 songs together in Bovaland, his studio in Hollywood. Here is what Isaac sent us:Vox Katana used Music Xray to submit a song for a single deal with Neurotraxx Recordings of Rome, Italy. They blend hip-hop beats with the chill vibes and positive message of reggae and funk to create a dance-able, feel-good experience.You can check them out and their catchy tunes here. Lisa Richards recently submitted a song for a digital release in October, 2012. Joye has shared the stage with some of the industries greatest such as Chaka Khan, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Maysa, Lalah Hathaway, Maestro J, Michael Franks, and more.Her song Retro Love Song is a beautiful infusion of both soul rhythms and neo-soul that features Joye's extra tight vibrato and smooth jazz vocals. Check out the opportunities at Touch Records HERE! He choose to submit his track Action Score to the opportunities Looking for High Quality Custom Composers and Award Winning Production Company Needs Music. Each artist that is selected is featured oThe Great Unknowns Presents and All Indie Magazinehe Great Unknowns Presents was established in 2009 and has become one of the fastest growing podcasts on the internet with over 71,000 subscribersikey Jayy is the man behind the scenes and the one upfront hosting great interviews along with playing new cutting edge music from someally good artists. Cassidy loved what she heard and the rest is history. Recently, artist Steph Barrak had her song "Hardwired" selected and will be featured on the show!Filming will take place in New York City during the first week of September, and will air later in the month. And for those of you who would like to hear more of here music check out her full Music Xray EPK. I feel that finally my music gets the chance to be listened to by people who can do great things with it. After getting to know Mary Sarah and her family, Sharon signed Mary Sarah to Dennis Management. Steve opened a dropbox on Music Xray seeking music for the soundtrack for the new film "Point A to Point B" which is directed and written by Scott Wilson. The results inspired confidence but in real terms not much changed. In return, Filip is designing the new Stacks of Wax website, both of which will be up for the devouring within the new month.Without Music Xray, not only would I not have ever enjoyed finding Capital Grey but neither of us would have been able to network and barter services so easily. Artist Eric Buggie has landed with the label label Touch Records to work on two albums. Once again thank you Music Xray and I shall keep you posted to future acceptances through your site.Keith Williams is without doubt a true artist with the experience to back it up. "Here is the critique/review of my song "DarkSide of Heaven" from Leslie: Everything about this song is big and almost melodramatic. Uncle Earl the DJ just loved the tune. Steve explained how things turned around: "Music Xray was one of the first places in which I found success with my songs. Here are the songs that have made the short list:For The Sake Of The Cat by The Corner LaughersWhat It's Like On The Otherside by Hills Rolling (Trey McGriff)Nothing New In My Rearview by Mark Denny PrestonBaisez-Moi (Kiss Me) by featuring Jovi Rockwell/written by Gail Vareilles and Tommy Faragher and Jovi RockwellS.O.S. Now, with the addition of Dennis, you WILL hear our ROAR!!! It's all good news.”Truly good news for Marc and Phil and we couldn't be happier that all of these were made possible because of Music Xray.Check out Marc's profile here for his opportunities as you might be the next artist/songwriter he will be working with in the future. His research paid off; his track was selected for both opportunities!Charlie Mac included his track on a CD he sends weekly to TV and film production houses for licensing deals. At age ten, she joined the professional Florida touring company The Songs of Broadway where audiences have seen her on high-profile stages throughout Florida.Annelise has been with Music Xray for some time now and we were happy to hear from her especially when we found out it was another pick from The Voice. And don’t forget to check out Charlie Mac and these radio stations as well: WBLS, The Sol Kafe, H Music, SJR Media Group, Chayz Lounge Radio, STARZZ Radio, Wutz Hood Radio, KLEDLive FM andKCLA FM. One musician had good things to say, another not so good. The song’s message was a perfect fit. www.wintercircle.com Gracie has already released their new EP "Paradox" and the first single "Get Down" is already the #9 most played Indie on the Urban Mediabase charts with 15 major stations spinning the single and growing. (MTV, Nickelodeon, Warner Brothers, Several US and overseas radio stations), Rene Saucier had 6 additional tracks distributed to our #5 partner for external licensing. Music Xray artist Archie Thompson has his song "Funky Pad" placed in the blockbuster hit, and #1 movie in America, 'Tyler Perry's Boo! The bands front-man, Brendan McCahey, saw the opportunity and said that he thought to himself "this is the opportunity for me." But before that do check out their music in their full EPK to get a feel of this band’s music and don’t forget to check out Ian’s profile here as well because definitely with all services under one roof, The Math Team simplifies all matter musical. "Music Xray has put our songwriting team in direct contact with many fab top music industry professionals. I remember when I first joined Music XRay and began to see how it works, I thought, "FINALLY, a site for independent artists that is actually about the MUSIC!!!" "We could not be happier with what Music Xray, Seven13 Music and One Night Stand have delivered to us. I’ve had some great success with my music over the last 40 years but I’ve also had some major heartbreaks and dealings with con artists. Music X-Ray clearly uses 'chance' to its own favor in its business model. Bree Noble is a new media pioneer who has created a radio station whose mission is to pave the way for hard-working, accomplished female artists to be heard. Looks like they have their hands full in picking out the final ones for the soundtrack.Check out Steve's latest opportunities here. I didn’t apply nor did I submit anything so I assume Music Xray had something to do with it. They liked the song and contacted me for the mp3 and a rotation release! Remember: Songs submitted through MusicXray are given priority consideration and are always heard and responded to. 2 tracks from Charles were pitched for placement on the soundtrack of another feature film about adolescent love. We anticipate a long and fruitful relationship with these writers as they have a well developed understanding of "commercial appeal.    Check out the ad on YouTube HERE! Marie keeps finding new talent on Music Xray and this is what she has to say:"I eat, sleep and breathe new music and looking for new artists of all genres for a range of new projects for licensing, publishing, my new tv show for indie artists(even better than American Idol in my opinion) and for so many other opportunities due to being in the industry for a long time. But I had a situation like Stephanie where I paid for an opportunity and never really got any feedback other than “we've reminded this person..blah, blah, blah.” You'd think that be and easy fix wouldn't you? (Cox, Comcast, McDonald's, Applebees, Adidas, Gucci, Burberry, MGM, Hard Rock). To see the latest opportunities from API visit their profile here, Before emerging from beta, Music Xray partnered with Great American Song Contest to enable artists to submit through this website. I’ve hardly had any negative experiences, and I’ve been selected for some cool stuff and gotten to communicate with some great people - (legendary producer Ron Nevison and I had some brief correspondence over the fact that he produced my cousin, Bill Leverty’s band, Firehouse’s, amazing third album). You can check out their products at http://brine.com/. "Feel free to take a listen to Jeromy's music! Music Xray puts musicians and songwriters directly in touch with industry professionals and market opportunities for their music. Here at Music Xray we don't always hear about all the success stories because once an artist and an industry professional are in touch they do deals directly. And his diverse interests and influences when it comes to music is the reason why Mike is comfortable in so many musical genres, especially jazz and blues.For the past four years, Mike has been working on getting his many songs published for Film/TV in the U.S. and Europe. He told me what he needed at the time (for his submission library), and I was able to submit songs that worked for him. His old group, Blue Sandlewood Soap, came to mind so he submitted a song. In 2008 Keith appeared at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in a tribute show to Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis and Dean Martin. In the bridge he added a little vocal harmony that fattened up the sound and provided a little counter point to the verse. If so, share below. He also had his own struggles to deal with and overcome and he was nice enough to share this with us along with his recent success through using Music XrayThere were points in my life where I was going to give up, but music saved my life," said Botz, 63, a 1966 Maple Heights High School graduate. Music Xray artist Phabo hit the right note with Atlantic Records’ Vice President Urban A&R Shawn Barron. I plan on continuing to use and endorse Music Xray. Today, with musical interests that range from Dylan to Bocelli to Tool to Sinatra, Zaccheri’s from-the-heart style and harmonic rhythms have garnered him a growing following throughout North America and one proud father back home.We received an email from Zaccheri telling us the recent success he had in using Music Xray. He goes on to say that he "received a lot of 4 and 5 [star] ratings, but was confused as to why the songs weren't picked." 02:41 – How many songs are picked out of total submissions? Eddie "Sea" Caldwell has been working with Music Xray for some time and has been signing artists for various deals. 'Beating of the Sun' is due for digital release in Italy on the New Model Label in early February and I'll be making a trip to Italy in April to play some dates. I placed several of his songs in a film called "Culture Shock" directed by Steve Balderson. I am anxious to see how well his song  "A Good Time Has Crossed My Mind" is going to do with this opportunity.Figleaf is an artist with a genre of Pop/Easy Listening/Other. Just a couple of ways that make connecting to artists that much easier while making Music Xray The 21st Century A&R. Check out the LA based Music Licensing Firm's multiple opportunities here as well and be a part of their next success story. He constantly felt that "no one was willing to give [him] a chance." It's another variation on the signal-to-noise optimization problem. He ended up submitted his song "Safe and Well." Any artist who has an experience like the negative ones listed above shouldn’t hesitate to contact our customer service at support@musicxray.com. Probably not far from their conception. See what Stuart Epps is offering. LA based Music Licensing Company recently signed yet another Music XRay artist, Jon Purdey to a publishing contract. Click the Links below to hear the featured songs! I am not just writing this to sell you anything, I am writing this from my heart and soul. Laura's songs are energetic electro pop/rock.Check out Sylvia Harris' profile here for her latest opportunities. You’re welcome and we would like to thank you too for believing in Music Xray.Listen to Pete’s Country/Rock songs in his full EPK here and check out Eddie “Sea” Caldwell's opportunities here. Music Xray has been a great avenue for me to get my music into the ears and hands of industry professionals. We are excited about this for the artists and everyone involved. You can see that video HERE "I'll say it over and over again, but Music Xray has been monumental in making this come about." Don is the President of Sweet Rosie Music, a company dedicated to finding the very best songwriters and bringing their best material to market.We recently received an email from Don and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you:Here is some good news... we have just published a song that came to us through Music Xray.

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