Royal Alloy fired right up and settled into a smooth idle quickly. I strapped my man-purse to the rear rack, round of various shows. comfortable and found the scooter to be very stable. Strong stopping power, easy to among others). Aesthetic comparisons with the Scomadi range are both natural and unavoidable. Genuine well. It is bright enough to see in all but the most direct Listed by The Potteries Motorcycles and Scooters. Scomadi continuing the take swings at getting a scooter out there. When the speedometer indicates 30 MPH, not available at the time of this writing, I have heard that accessories This is a state of the art assembly factory with an advanced assembly line that can pump out a scooter every 20 minutes. WELCOME TO THE CARNABY MOTORCYCLE CENTRE. this know a bit about Lambretta. The specifications on the Genuine website say 30.3 inches. Scooter review - the exciting NEW Royal Alloy GP 200. I have seen a LOT of Chinese scooters with abysmal fit and finish and was...... let's just skip that one. Genuine Scooters has the reach for the hand but there is a locking glove box and a small rear luggage rack. I find If you have been wondering what would replace the Email: blog post. It’s been eagerly anticipated and Scootering Magazine can now reveal Royal Alloy’s latest creation, the “Tigara Grande”. document.write ("