Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This report includes sires… Why Is Wagyu So Delicious? Poids: 1000g-1050g; 1250g-1300g; 1500g-1550g; 58,34 € TTC. Le boeuf Wagyu est par ailleurs certifié Halal. This selection favored animals with more intra-muscular fat cells – ‘marbling’ – which provided a readily available energy source. One study from the Japan Livestock Industry Association, cited by CNN, says Wagyu has up to 30% more unsaturated fat than Angus cattle. Bites, Living The Truth About Wagyu – and Where to Order It by Leah LeMoine. Please note that essential good fats of Wagyu are most fully realized when eating 100 percent full blood rare breed Wagyu. As an animal source of protein, Wagyu beef contains all of the essential amino acids, mak