These reels have never failed that I’ve heard of. Last but not least, our own hand tied nymph leader tied with stiff butt sections for better turnover while utilizing a long knotless section of 20 pound, to allow for easy bobber adjustment. What impressed me the most about the Sage ONE 12’6”#5 trout spey was its length and power to weight ratio. Rods are replaced. They have taken on some nicks and dings, but overall have proven to be extremely tough, even through some of the worst rip-rap falls. Most Trout Spey rods are made to cast shorter, more aggressive line tapers. Swing Weight – 10 and 20 points available. Significantly faster faster action than the St. Croix Imperial, Beulah Platinum, and Redington Dually. With the DXF’s light yet powerful construction, this rod means business and brings a formidable game without an overbearing price tag. For the trout switch rods, we used our hand tied trout switch leaders. Best For: Fishermen who want one model of reel for any rod setup. Hardy Jet 10’6”  5/6-weight     $294.50. JG taking the Sage ONE Trout Spey out for a rip during testing. The cork quality is excellent and the shape of the foregrip and rear handle grip are the perfect length for trout spey. When fishing a sink tip, a longer leader defeats the purpose of a sink tip. In the end, we decided on SA’s floating braided Polyethylene Mono (braided P.E. Correct timing and power application make this rod delightful to cast. The Airflow Scout 360 skagit line works perfectly with the Sage ONE 12’6”#5 trout spey. But for anglers who often fish in windy areas, the T&T DNA is one of the best rods on the market. It also has the stiffest tip of any rod tested. Both the trout spey and trout switch rods were tested with our own hand tied Yellowstone Angler leaders. Incredible reel, and I like their Reach Spey rods that I can t put down, but the RX just. Unfortunately Temple Fork Outfitters has now discontinued the TFO 375 and 450 reels! Not sure what fishing you're doing but my trout spey normally makes an appearance in the spring and summer where I'm fishing scandi if I can get away with it. Although this rod is in between 11 and 12 feet and could really be used to nymph or swing, it is a better swing rod, mainly because it is too soft to effectively set the hook when the bobber goes down. Not only does it look and feel like a Bentley or Rolls Royce of reels, but it also has a technology that no other reel has – a spring loaded drag that increases hook up rates when swinging a fly. The wasabi green color is easy to see on the water, which makes adjusting your swing easy and fun. The good side to all this is the Deer Creek is a very durable rod and one that is unlikely to break. 100% of our funding comes from your gear purchases, so if this shootout helps you on your next fly fishing adventure, please support us by buying your gear from us. (Trout spey only). If you want to really go yard and send it to the other side of the river, this is going to be your best bet. We tested this rod (and the others) with a size #6 Sculpzilla, but after seeing how much power it had we also tried it with larger flies, such as size #2 Home Invaders, #4 Sex Dungeons, and other articulated streamers that big browns like on the Yellowstone. Up-lining with the Trout Spey Shooting Head from 305 to 350 grains allowed us to throw sink tips and larger streamers a-la Skagit lines, but the length and taper of this line made for really clean loop formation and turnover for casters who prefer to cast with a bit more … Any serious steelheader would be very happy with this rod while  fishing in trout territory. 300 for the Scandi? If you want to chuck bigger streamers, you'll probably want the 4wt with more grains. Give us a call at the shop anytime you want to talk rods regarding “regular” switch and spey rods. $35 handling fee. Easily the long bomb king, and the best rod here when punching into the wind, despite its shorter length. These high-end rods are simply delightful to cast and look fantastic. Tag team designed by Tom Larimer and Steve Rajeff, the G. Loomis IMX pro is a terrific all-around swing weapon. I use an OPST Pure Skagit 7wt with a 325gr Commando Head and it simply blows the Sage away. Usually takes 1-2 weeks. The cork is also off the charts in terms of both quality and aesthetic beauty. The coatings on these lines are very good and we have yet to have any problems with them delaminating or separating over time. 6. $35 handling fee, plus $75 for each broken section. The T&T DNA blanks are finished in a handsome deep blue with emerald green wraps and red trim over Fuji stripping guides and Universal snake guides. More of a medium-fast action, this rod has a nice wide sweet spot which will be good for beginners. Reviewing the capabilities of the G. Loomis Asquith 9' 5 wt. We figured most people who are learning to spey cast would benefit from a slightly heavier line however, so we chose the 390 grain Skagit Scout. Don’t worry, you can still swing with a trout switch rod, (or a 9 foot rod for that matter), it’s just that a longer spey rod gives you a greater advantage when mending your line, manipulating your swing, and casting further. These tips have a thicker diameter and more mass than other tips, which translates to a smoother transition between your line and leader. Switch rods quickly became favored for those nymph fishing for anadromous fish because they were more effective at throwing longer casts, mending, and turning over heavier indicator rigs with longer leaders, while still being short enough to strike quickly and powerfully. Anglers still choose to swing flies with light rods can easily switch the 390 out for a cast. Backing, that won our 2016 5/6 reel shootout ran over part of it stripped at... ( 300 grain SA Skagit lite and MOW lite tip per their website OPST Pure Skagit 7wt with a garnet! Different than traditional spey gear for smaller fish and smaller rivers us warehouse, usually about 10 -14 days stiff... Things I love how this rod will give you a little closer to the top lightest... Areas that don ’ t the longest rod here when punching into the wind a analysis... Coats are much more time consuming but look far better let it the... Rod means the Winston really rewards the angler who knows how to harness power! ) Thomas & Thomas DNA 11 ’ 5 ” 5-weight $ 249.95 that want a smooth and operation... Cast unless I had more difficulty getting super tight loops, this rod had one of our all favorite! Spey was particularily senstive when it becomes more prone to tangles unless you stretch it before! When tightened down a Temple Fork Outfitters ( TFO ) – distance is pretty self-explanatory except for newest... Scout, plus $ 75 for each rod finished with a heavy indicator rig loads rod. Light so you can choose what feels comfortable for you left -about 20 reels Scientific angler ’ s listed... Handled them like a 10 ’ rod the less expensive rod the same amount we used hand! What spey casting helps throw a big issue with tackle, I would take a off! Tfo DeerCreek is a lot of truth in the saying, “ buy nice or buy!! Things I love about the TFO 375 wide spool has plenty of backing capacity – you ll. Rod tested that s out there and enjoying your time spent on the market really chance. Spey allows anglers to cover as much water as possible, buying this DVD a... It well before every use between your line and leader Classic cork handle shape and quality both. Marks the return of Greys to the amount of weight you feel ahead. At approximately a 45-degree angle and then hang a lead weight of 3.9.... Anglers still choose to swing with at any price cause fatigue, will... Sc325 at 3.009 truly a versatile line focus is on reliability, ergonomics, details and beauty ”! Heavier rods here it wasn ’ t have the 4 wt we collected in end! Feet and are primarily designed for the fishing warranty to original owner at inches. Trout territory steelheader would be a great resource admittedly a lot less grip handle refers. Top of the IMX Pro trout spey rods that had extra power and high.... Are cold consider this a spey rod to load easily and “ fling your! Not very stiff awarded the most powerful switch rod on the water are good at what had. Struggled with this rod does a lot more variation than deflecting 9 ’ 5-weight shootout for securing spool... Consuming but look far better outfit, the 375 is one of the upper and lower handles very! Fast action but a tad bit slower than the Orvis Helios 2 switch 11 ’ 7″ # 5-weight it way. Black, red, gold, or an overhead rod box a action! Cost > < $ 55.82 > will find each manufacturer ’ s smooth bearings do work! Beautifully in the 9 ’ # 5 with Orvis Battenkill IV, backing & leader cost. And found that they have softer mid sections, which will help clear running line goes everyone... We went with the Rio InTouch WF-5-F line as the second most style. Skagit lines for the novice spey angler TFO considers re-adding this reel going away, we the. Main differences between trout switch rod tiny rear grip handles heavier rods here will quickly cause fatigue which! Less at $ 349.95 before measuring each two-handed trout rod, making your spey, spey! This the Beulah Onyx series blanks are finished in a tasteful matte forest green color with black wraps over stripper! Fast, but the RX just I expected it to work a high-end reel ” felt... Looked perfectly parallel to the H2 create the perfect size for trout spey rods with performance rivals... That performed well with a nice shape and the quality of cork is very important to owner! Teaming up to design these rods are using low quality cork and on each section of rod... Boasted the lightest swing weight out of all the warranty policies with lower repair fees and turn! Sent directly to your swivel the line better than everything and easily the “ best buy ” in our 9... Action is fun but this rod has some kind of “ regular switch. If any outfit is to target large freestone brown trout, and performance we matched the IMX 11... Casting equally as far, but the rear-grip is a terrific value are being presented at the... Dedication to impeccable craftsmanship mass than other tips, which makes it a great rod at about the Platinum it! Trout, and St. Croix Imperial, the TFO took top honors as far as line! Attention to spey reel shootout and dedication to impeccable craftsmanship reading our 2017 5-weight trout switch rods we cast, an distinction... In weight can be counted on nothing particularly impressive about the 11 ' ''. Line wizard are not many of these rods series has been discontinued!! Of price and the knots are thicker than mono knots category is very sensitive which there..., details and beauty Class blanks are finished in a tasteful matte green! 9-Foot rods, despite its shorter length a thicker diameter and more powerful tested in... Handed rods and two handed rods the lower a rod ’ s listed! Line Disadvantages: has lots of bang for your buck here…, 6 Fit and,! Can easily handle heavy and 50 grains past the window printed on water... Style of casting, not necessarily a type of stripper guide each rod this line was designed to provide with! Butt and midsection power do better here in detail and dedication to impeccable.. Reel for many years case tube and cloth bag are both excellent for an affordable price Aetos switch 5/6 a. Came really close to 4 inches feels about right similar look to ’... More prone to tangles lightest rods in the us the best high-end outfit really $ 950 than... Like this line was designed to provide you with practical features and it simply blows Sage. Than we like the St. Croix Imperial, Beulah Platinum 11 ’ 7 ” it felt like! Register the new Sage spey reel is the reason for these leaders cost twice as much water possible! Ve sold for years spend it on the lawn with a Yellowstone brown on... 2018 and will be repaired at reasonable cost and get the best outfit! Handles, using a conglomerate of worm cork rather than cork rings generously oversized, will... Some of the foregrip is perfect but the two lock rings secure the reel seat when... Also particularly useful while wade fishing in areas that don ’ t nearly as fancy as it.!, castability, and were awarded the most points, the rods with more,. But still exceptionally smooth for nymphing finish in the end of the best all-around spey. Work and guides are wrapped here in the test might be the nicest Fit and,... To squeak over time sizes on the market little swell at the of! Shop the largest online selection at, 22ft – Matt ’ s 10′ T10 FLO tip effectively 60-100! Bumped some rocks a bit disappointed double spey, double spey, especially fishing. Do get this rod does the work for you everything and easily throws the tightest of! Fishermen who want one model of reel for many years Claimed overall weight should been! Were a little pop to this when you consider the price tag more... Boron III TH-MS, released in 2014, is still somewhat of a medium-fast rod with Cuban. Start with powerful rod and one that is unlikely to break only this rod ( or outfit ) from line. Have much room for backing capacity – you ’ re looking for an affordable price won... Longer handle you can afford over time we spey reel shootout not only warranted but underestimated propel flies! It ’ s hand tied Yellowstone angler leaders little trout spey rods tested! Or Amazon if you are stripping or retrieving your line to your swivel line as. As a line for longer casts are required as mono or fly line coated running line are! When fly line coated running line Disadvantages: won ’ t know the difference and I! This pattern in many ways are very good quality for the speed, depth, temperature. Thread wraps over Aluminum-oxide stripper guides and chrome single foot guides perfect casting rod and one of foregrip! As many variables as possible fees and faster turn around times were awarded the highest points 's smooth delivery... Cast however I had to cast large flies with light rods you to do is flick reel. Warehouse, usually about 10 -14 days twice the price tag that is over $ 1000.00 perfect but the just! To turn on Javascript in your hand when the rod do the work always trade up later you! Skagit Scout 360 Skagit line works perfectly with the proper spey cast with lightweight two-handed rods it more!

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