Supercharge your Spanish sentences with new power words! This course starts with Spanish basics and provides survival phrases for parent-teacher conferences so that you can discuss progress, deal with academic and behavior problems, and provide grades and homework. If you think Spanish verbs are a big headache, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Limited campus entry procedures are now in place. A variety of topics will be introduced such as Latin American and Spanish poetry, literature, history, music and the arts. You are an excellent, organized, well-prepared teacher who is obviously passionate about the topic. Learn Speed Spanish, Conversational French, Instant Italian, Conversational Japanese, Braille transcription, teaching ESL/EFL. The class is a perfect introduction or a refresher for those planning a trip to a Spanish-speaking region. Learn the building blocks of interpreting, including analyzing, summarizing and paraphrasing, listening comprehension, shadowing, closure, and note taking. } "How are you feeling today?" You can take a single class online or as many as you want. The instructor also gives students feedback in the discussion area in a timely matter too! Tara has BA degrees in Spanish and Sociology from St. Norbert College and an MA in Higher Education and Adult Studies from the University of Denver. Classes focus on the conversational usage of the subject language. For an old, retired teacher, determined to learn Spanish, this course was perfect! The learn Spanish courses are for people who seek a general understanding of common words and phrases as well as grammar and conversation. padding: 5px; SPANISH & 121 Spanish I (5) Fast-paced beginning course in Spanish: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Would you like to learn Spanish but don't know where to begin? She presented our lessons with humor and good examples. You will also learn key vocabulary words for talking about those medical emergencies that sometimes happen on campus. She has studied Spanish … Lifelong Learning; Professional Development; Craft Distilling Institute; Student Resources You will learn new words in easy-to-digest bites, and each lesson will include Supplementary Material to help you keep expanding your vocabulary. This lesson explores "easy" verb tenses and delves into the difference between the "to be" verbs, ser, and estar. Community & Alumni Donors Quick Links ... South Seattle College (pp. We are VERY beginners and unsure of our Spanish skills, but he kept encouraging us to keep trying. NSC is operating remotely in response to COVID-19 Learn more. We run a robust series of language classes offered before and after school throughout the South Sound region. /*-->*/. North Seattle College 9600 College Way North | Seattle, Washington 98103 | 206-934-3705 Seattle Colleges District Classes fill rapidly; register and pay early to guarantee … In this lesson, you will learn the Spanish words for a rainbow of colors and find out how to count all the way up to 199—all while learning fun facts about the culture of Latin America. background-color: #ffffff; Working with primary students whose native language is Spanish, I was able to communicate with my students. Enter the 4-digit item number of a specific class ( i.e. But don’t just go in blind: Combine online courses with other methods of learning for an optimal experience. You can search for classes by any of the options shown below: Item Number. .well { The instructor was fun. For … Cultural studies include social amenities and exposure to Hispanic art, music and history. You will understand what it's like on the first day of school and words relating to enrolling new students, conversing in the classroom, talking about rules and behavior, and basic vocabulary for various academic subjects. Topics include greetings, family, and leisure activities vocabulary and the present tense. Potentially you could even earn a whole degree in Spanish online. Fall 2021 Applications. color:#008fc5; In this lesson, you will learn prepositions, words for directions, and three new words for asking questions. -webkit-box-shadow: none; I used a tremendous amount of the information in my class with my intermediate students and they loved it too! For class dates and to register, visit the Continuing Education website and in the menu under "Professional," select "Flagging." They were willing to assist me with my pronunciation and the fluency of the language. Search Community Education; Search Bellevue College ; Spanish. The Seattle Promise Fall 2021 application is open. You're back-to-school to learn the Spanish words for common classroom objects and activities. Check out the Class Schedule for Spanish classes. line-height: 0; Enter your email or username and we'll email you a link to reset your password. 151 - 201) Course Descriptions (pp. Explore more Language courses. I enjoyed this course! Her illustrations and examples helped my language acquisition and desire to keep learning. Thank you! Register and pay ONLINE with CREDIT CARD. Excelente! The scenarios with the ongoing characters throughout the course proved to be very helpful as well, providing real life situations to use Spanish. Learn American Sign Language, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Portuguese or Spanish led by an expert instructor on Capitol Hill. border-radius: 2px; Also, you will start putting your words into conversational phrases and sentences. They were creative and engaging. Prepare for industry certification or a new career, Start anytime and in-depth study materials. He made the class interesting and informative. Topics include greetings, family, and leisure activities vocabulary and the present tense. Develop your beginning Spanish speaking ability with basic grammar, verb conjugation and pronunciation. This instructor did an excellent job selecting material that would be immediately useful to a classroom teacher. Student option grading. Learn Spanish offers private Spanish classes for all levels: beginners, intermediate and advanced. She taught Spanish and English as a Second Language at the high school and community college levels for over 10 years. series. [CDATA[/* >

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